Our History

Denver Police Foundation History

In 1999, the Denver Police Officers Foundation was created to support the families of active duty Denver police officers injured or killed in the line of duty or facing other catastrophes.  The founders recognized the need for a more systematic approach than “pass the hat”, to provide relief.   The Police Officers’ Charitable Aid Program was then established, largely supported by employee payroll deductions.

Increasing community expectations, rising crime rates, budget reductions, rapidly changing equipment and technology, and the need for a flexible funding option separate from the city budgetary process led the organization to partner with other community leaders, and as such, in 2003, a Public Safety Program component was added.  This program was designed to serve as a liaison with the business community, citizens and the Denver Police Department on matters of public safety.


The Police Officers’ Charitable Aid Program and the Public Safety Program, each with their own advisory board, followed their objectives which are to provide officer relief, equipment and programs to promote officer safety, crime prevention and community involvement, respectively.

In 2009, due to the differences in objectives, the Denver Police Foundation separated their two programs, resulting in the formation of TWO Foundations:

The Denver Police Officers Foundation which provides officer and family support according to its original mission supporting officers and their families in medical, natural disaster, and other crisis needs.

And the Denver Police Foundation which follows its mission of enhancing public safety for the Denver community by providing the latest in training and technology, community outreach, promoting officer and community safety, and increasing departmental service.

Now the Denver community has the advantage of two foundations, each providing critical services. The two foundations continue to work together for the good of the Denver Police Department and the residents of Denver.