Providing Aid to Officers & Enhancing Public Safety

Mission, Vision & Goals

Denver Police Department Badge

Who We Are

The Denver Police Foundation (DPF) is a Colorado nonprofit, charitable organization created to enhance public safety and law enforcement in the Denver Community. Its mission is: to act as an independent and unique resource for the Denver Police Department by providing resources to:

  • Foster innovation
  • Keep pace with rapidly-changing    technology
  • Meet time-sensitive needs
  • Promote  excellence  and wellness
  • Recognize valor
  • Encourage collaboration  and  synergy
  • Measure  effectiveness
  • Strengthen community involvement

What We Do

The DPF raises funds for a variety of initiatives. Officer safety is the top priority. Other priorities include programs that prevent, deter, reduce and eliminate crime wherever possible, decreasing victimization.

The DPF supports needs for which government funds are not readily available. No funds are used to support expenditures for city personnel. Funds raised are used for specialized equipment, training, crime prevention and education programs to assist the Denver Police Department’s leadership efforts in law enforcement and crime prevention.


The DPF is guided by a Board of Directors. Directors develop and implement the mission, priorities and goals for program activities. Further, they monitor financial and program performance, measure effectiveness of efforts and shape future activities. Directors are drawn from the community and cannot be Denver elected officials or employees. However, the Board works closely with the leadership of the Denver Police Department representing its 1,500 officers and employees.