Technology & Training

It is critical that the Denver Police Department have the most advanced crime-fighting equipment and training. We will support pilot programs and leverage other resources to help the Department remain innovative.

VirTra V 300 Training Simulator

Amount: $283,389

Funding for this 300-degree simulator that provides training on a variety of scenarios officers may be faced with daily. The simulator provides for de-escalation techniques, less-lethal activities and “shoot-don’t shoot” training. It can be used for one officer or up to four at a time.


The life-sized simulator confronts officers with real-world scenarios that enhance their responses and help them respond to crisis situations that may face them. The simulator is praised by all officers who have been trained. Additionally, the simulator has been used with civilians and media to demonstrate the kinds of situations officers are faced with to help the understanding of officer decision-making.

HALOHigh Activity Location Observation (HALO) Cameras

High Activity Location Observation (HALO) cameras allow immediate response to incidents and video recordings of crimes. The HALO program also works with the Denver School District, the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Regional Transportation District to incorporate all the organizations’ cameras for maximum coverage.


  • HALO evidence used in criminal prosecutions resulted in a 100 percent conviction rate.

Specialized Crime Analysis Equipment

Denver Police Department's Crime LabSpecialized crime analysis equipment including DNA testing tools (a process used in the identification of one person from another).


  • These tools are credited with the identification, arrest and conviction of a serial rapist.

Other Funded Projects