Promote Officer & Community Safety

The Denver Police Foundation knows that officer and community safety is paramount.  We will look for and support efforts to protect our officers and community through innovative tools that save lives.  We also emphasize partnerships that leverage the foundation’s funding.

Gunshot Trauma Kits

These kits contain tourniquets, blood clotting agents and other equipment designed to be used by first-responding officers in crisis situations before medical personnel can respond to an incident.


  • Lives saved!  During the past year, equipment from the kits have been used and are credited with saving the lives of four officers.  Civilians have also been saved with this equipment.
  • DPD officers and all recruits complete a 10-hour course taught by Denver Health Paramedics to receive a kit.
  • The DPF Gunshot Trauma Kits have been adopted by the Colorado Springs Police Department, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, the Colorado State Patrol and the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Denver Police Department Bomb Squad Canine Officers

Denver Police K9 UnitAmount: $15,000

Support for two canine officers trained in bomb and explosive duty.


  • Two bomb canines, Hershey and Daisy were purchased and assigned to officers. The dogs have been called to multiple scenes where they are invaluable in detecting evidence and possible threats. Most recently, one of the canines was able to sniff out evidence that led to the arrest of a suspect who was firing on officers.

Other Funded Projects